The Donation to The Water Project is done!! 0.15 BTC sent.

As it was said in the rules of our «1 Bitcoin Christmas Lottery», we decided to donate 0.15 btc to The Water Project, which is an NGO, doing great things in Africa. The donation has been done few minutes ago as you can see here:

donation                                           We are going to send 0.15 BTC to that bitcoin address.

donation6                                                     Payment done from the exchange.

donation2                                            The Water Project has received the donation.

donation3                                     Confirmation from The Water Project of our payment.

donation4 Everybody can check now on Blockchain that the donation of 0.15 BTC has been done as announced.

Press on the pic above or just press on this link to go to Blockchain. So this is done and we have helped just a little bit to this project. We are happy for having done this donation and for having used bitcoins in this case. So the next step will take place on Dec. 22nd. with our «1 Bitcoin Christmas Lotto», good luck to everybody.


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