Roadmap: Litecoin ASIC Miner, VIPER (Scrypt)

Os pongo el email recibido hoy tal cual:

Greetings Miners!

On Monday (13/01/2014) we released an outline of our set roadmap, today as promised we will be releasing a timeline with dates on each aspect of the development process. This shows our commitment to transparency and gives a better idea on what exact stage we are on at all times. As we go through multiple developmental stages in parallel, we will be releasing regular detailed updates on our progress. Our next updates will be consistent developmental updates on what is being worked on and what has been achieved.


Project Start: 16/08/13

Project Finish: 15/07/14


Task Name
Duration Start Finish
    Viper ASIC Miner Project
238 days Tue 16/08/13 Tue 15/07/14
Scrypt Core and Chip Architecture
15 days Mon 06/01/14 Fri 24/01/14
System Architecture
5 days Mon 06/01/14 Fri 10/01/14
FPGA Implementation and Testing
131 days Tue 16/08/13 Fri 14/02/14
ASIC Development
85 days Mon 20/01/14 Fri 16/05/14
Viper Miner Board Design
95 days Mon 13/01/14 Fri 23/05/14
Viper Miner Firmware Development & Testing
118 days Wed 01/01/14 Fri 13/06/14
Mechanical, Thermal & Misc
69 days Mon 13/01/14 Thu 17/04/14
System Assembly & Testing
2 days Mon 16/06/14 Tue 17/06/14
System Integration & Testing
20 days Wed 18/06/14 Tue 15/07/14
User Manual
12 days Fri 18/04/14 Mon 05/05/14

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