VIPER: Litecoin ASIC (Scrypt)

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Original Development Update 17/12/2013

In the coming days we will be releasing all detailed information on our ASIC prototype chip, end product specification, aswell as pricing and how we will go about the pre-ordering phase. Today is the release of our ASIC chip prototype technical document. Next updates will be a video demonstration of the core speeds we have put in our document and then our final product specifications. Our devices are named ‘Viper’ and there will be a 5Mh/s version and 25Mh/s version.


Prototyping an ASIC chip is done in an high-end FPGA/ASIC prototyping board. Where the core speed was optimised by our expert team. All our goals to get the most throughput in performance had been reached.

The following report shows analysis of the ASIC prototyping phase we went through, and we are comfortable with sharing this. The core speed is demonstrated in a Virtex board, which has just 8 cores. We will shortly be releasing a video demonstrating the core speeds on CGMINER. Click here to download or view the full report. Our optimized design has out performed the fastest publicy known scrypt implementation by 3x. Aswell as giving it the benefit of it being fully multi-core and scaleable for our ASIC chip.

Our ASIC design is almost frozen by our ASIC manufacturers. We are targeting a more safer and cost efficient approach of hitting 128 cores (as shown in the document), where each chip hashing rate will be 300-500 Kh/s. We will give you the exact hashing rate and frozen design by next week. Note. we have shown all hash rates as minimum expected figures.


Each Viper device is based upon the same custom Viper board. Each Viper board contains multiple ASIC chips reaching a hashing rate of 5Mh/s. These boards can easily be connected via slot in b2b connectors, without any wiring. One board in each device will contain a micro-controller to make the devices fully standalone.’Viper’ is the name of our first line of scrypt dedicated miners. There is a smaller 5Mh/s version and larger 25Mh/s version.  Each device is designed to be rack mountable, 5MH/s (1u) and 25Mh/s (6u)


ASIC Chip: 28/45nm @ 300-500Kh/s

Viper Board: Multiple ASIC Chips = 5,000Kh/s

Viper Miner (5 Mh/s): 1 x Viper Board, ~150 watts, 1u size rack mountable. Fully standalone.

Viper Miner (25 Mh/s): 5 x Viper Board, ~750 watts, 6u size rack mountable, fully standalone.

Note. The finalising of our ASIC design will not affect the end product hash-rate. 5Mh/s and 25Mh/s devices are final.

 What will be in the next Update?

Until we launch our pre-ordering process, we have a few more updates to release:

1. Images and full specifications of our Viper devices.

2. Video demonstration of ASIC prototype showing core speed (as shown in document). And announced frozen hash-rate and process for ASIC chip fabrication.

3. Images of our new office, and official Viper trailer.

4.  Pricing and pre-order process explained, and terms and conditions.

 We expect all 4 updates to be released within the next 2 weeks. Where we will then begin the pre-ordering process.

Alpha Technology team 

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