Nuevo rig de KnCMiner ya a la venta

Os pongo el email tal cual lo he recibido. La empresa de hardware KnCMiner ya tiene a la venta su nuevo ASIC de una potencia de minado mínima de 3.000 GH/s. o lo que es lo mismo de 3TH/s (solo para bitcoins = SHA-256) o sea, una pasada de mining rig y una pasada de pasta a desembolsar.

 kncminer logo



Today we are releasing the Neptune miner to everyone, Existing customers or new customers can now purchase our ground breaking Neptune Bitcoin Miner

Our first offering at 20nm is called Neptune following the naming convention from our 28nm range. It will have the following basic specifications.

  • Minimum 3000GH/s of hashing speed that 3TH (Over 5 times the speed of our first Jupiter release)
    (we reserve the right to increase this as we get closer to shipment)
  • A 30% reduction in watts per GH,
  • Shipment begins in Q1/Q2 of 2014,
  • Bitcoins first ever 20nm miner brought to you from the company who shipped the first 28nm bitcoin miner,
  • Payment for this product is bitcoins and bank transfer only.

The product is now available for purchase in our shop. Here at

There is a limited supply again of only 1200 units queue placement and thus shipment is based on payment date.

Thanks KnC Team

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